Sunday, December 20, 2009

Fine, I lied. I couldn't write CG off. Not just like that. I've seen him the past two Saturdays (and today too), and, yes, it was pretty darn good. The first Saturday, I called him and just dropped by for an hour and a half, just watching some old British comedies. Truth be told, I'd called him because I'd just been able to crawl out of my skin because I'd been thinking about him the whole day. I just really wanted to do something. Fortunately - or not - my great sensible self prevailed and I didn't do anything other than just be my usual friendly self.

Yesterday, it started because I wanted his opinion on something I'd thought he had seen. I was also still feeling the effects of the Christmas party, and, therefore, felt a little reckless. Once I'd ascertained that he had no plans for the night and didn't need to work, I asked if he wanted to hang out. Yes, said he, so I brought dinner over, and we spent the night drinking wine and whiskey and watching movies and comedies. Close to midnight, he said I could stay over and, when I hesitated, he pointed out that it was raining and very cold. That persuaded me, though I was still a little reluctant because I didn't have any toiletries on me, one of which I really, really needed that night, and just hoped for the best.

There was no guitar playing this time, but we ended up chatting till just about half-six. I finally came straight out and asked if he had any idea of my age. He said he thought he did but wasn't going to play that game (smart guy). He also said he would never ask. So I asked if he was actually curious about it, because if he wasn't, then why rock the boat, right? He said he was, so I told him. And, much to my relief, it didn't seem to surprise him, or repulse him or anything like that. He did mention he'd never been out with an older girl before.

Am I still at the 'girl' stage? And are CG and I actually dating if he's not looking for a relationship, while I am and I'm not at the same time? We both enjoy each other's company. Well, I very much enjoy his, and I'm going to guess he feels the same way otherwise he wouldn't hang out with me.

One other plus point about this is that it is very refreshing to have a guy not try to put any moves on me after the last few. Strange, but refreshing.

I will most likely be CG-free until mid-January as we're taking turns to be out of London. In the meantime, I hope to have lined up a few dates with other people, and, maybe, just maybe, I will be able to move on to other people.

But, for now, I am happy, even if it is just wasting time.


Fat Les said...

Do you fancy some prawn dumplings?

Little Miss Random said...

Sure! Just name the time and place, though the next few weeks may be a bit difficult. I have relatives in town.