Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am absolutely loving my Christmas present from my family: a 16GB 5th Generation iPod Nano! It astounds many of my friends that I, being the thoroughly music-loving person that I am, have never owned an MP3 player, nor possessed the desire to acquire one (at least, not until recently). I was meant to have received one last year from the then-boyfriend, but, seeing as I was in imminent danger of losing my job, told him not to get me a present, and that we'd make up for it the year after. Ah well.

In any case, I had some MP3 playing capability on my Blackberry Curve which I'd been using for the past few months, so I guess it's not really true to say that I went completely without one, but, still, having this nice, light player with loads of memory and a video camera (which I highly doubt I'll ever be using) is fantastic. And, best of all, it comes with a radio feature too, which is wonderful! That's always been one of the main reasons why I didn't want an MP3 player. I prefer the unpredictability of the radio medium as it offers up the possibility of discovery or even rediscovery, given that I have to programme my player (yes, I know about the shuffle function, but, still, I have to pick and choose what songs to load into the player, yes?).

But now that I've had the iPod Nano for a few days, I'm wondering why I didn't get one earlier. It even comes with a pedometer (which, for some reason, the PC World reviewer really enjoys).

My horizons have been broadened. I'm looking for new headphones because the headphones which come with it don't have the best sound in the world, and, as with everything else in this world, I'm finding I have way too much choice and don't know what to go for. Also, I now think I should buy a set of speakers which I can hook up to my laptop and also to my iPod Nano. I'm also looking out for podcasts and things to watch out on my 2.2 inch screen. Suggestions are most welcome!

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