Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am unexpectedly beginning to like Vampire Weekend. I have always been a Britpop girl ever since I began listening to music but CG is right when he says a lot of good music is now coming out of New York, and, more specifically, Brooklyn, where the band is from. Other examples of Brooklyn bands include Grizzly Bear, Animal Collective, MGMT and LCD Soundsystem, all of whom have produces songs I absolutely love.

But back to Vampire Weekend.

After Horchata and, now, White Sky, how could anyone not like such happy songs? For that matter, how could anyone not fall in love, even just a little, with such cheerful tunes?

In other music-related news, I have caved and purchased a ticket to La Fille du Regiment at the Royal Opera House in May just because sexy tenor Juan Diego Florez will be reprising his role as Tonio, the same role which saw him break a 74-year embargo at the Scala where he performed an encore of Ah Mes Amis, a particularly difficult song with its nine high Cs. (No, I am not an afficiando, it's just what I found out when I researched Juan Diego Florez after watching him in Il Barbiere de Siviglia at the Royal Opera House last year.) Who would have thought I'd pay over the odds for a ticket just to listen to a tenor, regardless of how sexy I think he is?

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