Sunday, February 21, 2010

London is so much smaller than Singapore, it would seem. I found myself hiding in a coffee shop off Tottenham Court Road - one of the chains, I have to confess, as independent coffee shops don't seem to open on Sundays - after almost running into someone who I find a little too friendly at the best of times, and then running straight into someone from work, the same someone who was the most blatant of the three people who made a move on me at the company party last year. Given how accidents often happen in threes, I decided to hide rather than risk meeting any more people, although, later, to kill a couple of minutes before Mass, I wandered off to Fopp in the (very faint) hope of making CG my number three.

What? It's Sunday. We don't have to fast on Sundays during Lent.

But, rest assured, I did not run into him... or anyone else for that matter. That's probably a good thing... right?

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