Monday, February 08, 2010

Popped into Paul A. Young today on my way home. On a sleety day like today, a good cup of hot chocolate was in order. I chose cinnamon and chilli as my spices, and it went down well. Mmmm-mmm. Pure thick chocolate-y goodness, uncomplicated by impurities such as water or milk. Heh.

I also picked up a bar of TCHO Fruity. I'd read about this some time back - something to do with a scientific approach to chocolate or technology being used for this - and the saleslady told me that the brand was founded by the founder of Wired. It wasn't cheap at just under £5 per 60 g bar, but, again, with CNY coming up and all, it just felt like a good time to try new things out. I haven't opened the bar yet though; I sampled three truffles at the shop - chocolate, nutmeg and chilli, chocolate and winter spices and one other - and I'm completely chocolate-d out now.

And I wonder why my no-red-meat diet and new exercise regime haven't resulted in my losing any weight yet. Damn.

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