Friday, February 05, 2010

I feel like a student again, clubbing on a week night. Just got back from the wonderful Bedrock Benefit at the fantastic club that is Cable. Diggers was in awesome form. Fanciulli was okay, but, to be fair to him, I'm off alcohol at the moment and it is a little different when one does not feel in the mood because I'm by myself.

But the moment Diggers came on, it was awesome. And the staff at Cable were lovely as well, with one of the bouncers walking over to help me take my bag as I was struggling to put on my sweater and coat before walking out into the rain. Another clubgoer made me came into the bus shelter as I got dripped on, sacrificing his spot under the shelter. That nicely offset some of the strange people in the club, most notably the guy who kept pinching my butt!

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