Monday, March 08, 2010

Ugh. I've been sick for over two weeks now, and every time I'm even close to recovering, I do something silly, like go crazy in a weekend trip to Spain, or take a two hour dance class on how to dance like Lady Gaga (the choreography in Bad Romance is a killer) followed by a night at Matter with Sasha.

Yesterday, I was feeling particularly bad and went to bed at 8 pm, only to wake up around 6.30 am with a headache. I thought about calling in sick, but the power to my area went out, leaving me with no heating, so off to work I went.

And now, I've realised that the general malaise and pain I'm feeling is dreadfully similar to the time I was ill with shingles a few weeks before going back to Singapore. Except that this time, I don't have a rash. Not that I had much of a rash the first time I came down with it, but, man, the pain is definitely intense.


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