Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just back from a wonderful Glee workshop taught by the incredible Elliot Bodman and held at Frame's great dance studio. Two hours of dancing to Glee songs. How fantastic is that? I learnt the choreography to the Halo/Walking on Sunshine mash-up and, of course, Don't Stop Believin'. And those aren't even the best bits. The best part is that Elliot filmed us all doing the routines, and I didn't give a crap! I didn't freeze up or stop and mess up... I was just having so much fun that I just somehow gave it my all while still grinning away and just grooving. Elliot said we had loosened up so much by the end of the two hour workshop and that he wanted us to remember that feeling and just take it with us to whatever class we did next... or whatever else we do in life!

And that brings me on to the next point. Elliot's a wonderfully talented teacher. He's an incredible dancer who is somehow still not intimidating. He was listed as one of London's best personal trainers by Time Out because he makes classes so very fun.

Now, I'm very easily intimidated; it's one of the reasons I haven't returned to swing dancing, regardless of how good I used to be (according to my friends). I'm definitely not the most confident person around, and sometimes I do just fake it because I figure if I fake it long enough, I'll become that person. It sort of works! Try it if you have the same problem I do. That's also what Elliot teaches in his classes; I've become freaky Lady Gaga and just a completely cheesy Gleek. Sadly, he was tied up with choreographing for The X-Factor and I wasn't able to learn from him for Frame's Michael Jackson workshop. He's doing that workshop this weekend but I'll be out of town. 'Twasn't meant to be!

Unfortunately - and there's always a but, isn't there - Elliot will be moving to L.A. for a few months after May 1st. He is, I believe, going over there to follow a dream and I wish him all the best for it. He says he'll be back later in the year to teach more at Frame, so you can bet I'll be waiting with bated breath!

And bringing it all back to Glee... I'll be going to Hairbrush Heroes' Glee Special tomorrow night... and I need to dress up as one of the characters! Which one should I go as? Emma? Sue? Kurt?! I don't think I can be anywhere near as camp as I need to be for Kurt, but it'll certainly be an unexpected choice!

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