Monday, April 19, 2010

Had a great weekend fashion-wise but not so much social-wise.

I succeeded (I think) in being the ever-so-elegant Emma Pillsbury (the Chinese version, as the colours she wears really don't go with my skintone), attracting more than a few questions from others at the club completely unaware of that night's theme. Those questions were along the lines of "why so formal?" but given that they came from a far-too-young man who followed up with "can I kiss you?" even though, hello, we'd only just met and the pained look on my face throughout our conversation was mistaken by him as sheer embarrassment at how he was dancing (it wasn't, it was just that it was a small club and I was desperately thinking of how to get away without leaving), I'm willing to go out on a limb and say he was really thinking "why so covered up?", which was, sadly, a rarity among the similarly-far-too-young women present at the club.

The night was salvaged just a little by a slightly older man (though still too young) who was sort of sweet and with whom I had an enjoyable few dances, and, when I declined the full-on kiss after he tried, he apologised. He has also asked me out, and I'm still undecided. If I do meet up with him, it'll be most definitely not serious. It's just one of those things a girl knows. I'm just a little bemused - and freaked out - that not only does he share the same first name, but his surname has a similar structure as CG's and he's - crazily enough - five days younger than CG.

Before you ask, no, I haven't really heard from CG. I wished him a happy birthday, but that's about it. And waiting around for someone is lame. Waiting around for someone one has actively tried to pursue - even lamer. Still thinking about that someone even though all signs point to no? Just the sign of a sad pathetic loser.

But back to fashion. Went to a wedding over the weekend. It was good fun. Speeches were funny and food was fantastic. The music was good... and I suspect I would have enjoyed it more, and danced more if I knew more people there. Regardless of how much I love dancing, I only really dance when:
  • I don't know anyone else, or,
  • I'm with good friends, or,
  • I'm at an office party and everyone else is dancing, or, 
  • I'm having fun in a class. 
I can't dance if there're people there whom I know but not that well, such as when my good friend brings her colleagues along with her on a night out. I just can't do it. I can't tap into my inner groove diva.

Or maybe it was because I was wearing a really nice dress which had a pencil skirt which severely restricted my movements, but still, none of the scenarios mentioned earlier were fulfilled, so I just sat on a chair watching the dance floor, wondering when would be a good time to make my getaway.

Still, I had a nice time. It's the only wedding I've been invited to this year, so I'm glad it was a good one. Only thing is that the lovely couple were meant to leave on their honeymoon tomorrow morning, and with the flight ban extended till 7 pm on Monday, that's plainly not going to happen.

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