Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Every time this one issue at work comes up, I get so irritated, I feel like resigning over it. Not because I'm doing anything wrong, but it's just one of those issues where someone's going to push me as hard as they can because there's something they really want to do, but the one thing which I need to do - my job - doesn't allow it to be done. Given that I'd love to move out of my function, I just keep wondering whether it's worth my staying here. Sure, my boss values me; after all, I got promoted earlier this year, something I expected because I'd been pushing for it, and my notice period was extended, and I was given a retention bonus (which, I might add, still isn't enough to keep me from resigning if something else comes up, which is the great thing about high tax rates)... but still.

My former boss back home told me to let him know if I want to go home, and he'll do his best to make sure there's something there for me. I'm not thinking of going back at all, but there are days when I think, no matter how different this new company is from the places I'd been working for seven years, maybe the boredom and frustration of the old is more worthwhile than staying in this position where the likelihood of my moving is getting less and less simply because I'm opposing the people to whom I'd like to move, although I'm not sure I really do want to move there, but it's the best of a bad lot, surely?

I don't know. I'm frustrated. And annoyed. And lost. And I think the last one's the worst part.

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