Thursday, May 06, 2010

I'm pretty excited tonight, though not as excited as I was the night of the US elections, strangely enough. I didn't think I'd be sitting here, following the BBC's election coverage instead of getting some much needed sleep!

Exit polls indicate that it'll be a hung parliament with the Tories having the most number of seats. If accurate, and most, if not all, commentators say they're not, then that result is why I decided to convert some sterling into euros this evening prior to my work trip in the summer. I'm not looking forward to the carnage that this will wreak on my investment portfolio tomorrow, but, and even though it's incredibly hard to follow this philosophy, I keep reminding myself that my investments are intended for the medium to long-term.

There's also some controversy over the poor planning and the larger-than-expected number of voters who have turned out which have resulted in a number of people across the country not being able to vote in spite of turning up to the polling stations before closing time at 10 pm. I suppose there'll be the question of legal challenges in areas where there are narrow victories. And, apparently since Tory voters tend to turn up earlier in the day, and Labour voters in the evening (which kind of makes sense given their traditional voting base), who knows what's going to happen?

I'm almost sorry for what the new government is going to face the first day they step into their office, as it were. It's not the best of situations to be in, and the kind of medicine they're going to have to force down the UK's throats is certainly not going to be pleasant.

It's enough to make me wonder whether my move to London at the beginning at the financial crisis (even though I do not know it at the time) was at all that wise!

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