Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Oops, so it turns out that I will not, in fact, be seeing JC this week. As May is a ridiculously busy month for me, and, apparently, for him too, it's looking as if the next time we're both free will be June. It's almost funny.

I suppose, on the one hand, I should be really proud of myself for managing to fill up my calendar with so many cool things: She & Him followed by DJ Yoda on Friday, Joanna Newsom next Tuesday, Florence & the Machine after that, The Antlers and Stag & Dagger the week after, La Fille Du Regiment and Major Lazer the week after that! I do believe I've must have exceeded my concert total for 2009 already or am pretty darn close. A quick recap indicates I've seen 12 gigs and concerts so far this year, and should have seen 20 by the end of this month. Woo!

In between gigs and operas, there're dance workshops and festivals... and in the first weekend of June, I'll be missing the free Rage Against The Machine concert and will be gong off to sunnier climes for a work do.

I know there're times I've written about how much I hate not having anything to do, and I guess this proves it. I'm more of an Introvert, according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and few of my friends believe that given just how often I get out and about, but, and despite my seemingly stereotypical Sagittarian ways, it really does wear me out.

But, for now, back to living.


Monevator said...

Joanna Newsome - jealous! I love her music, though weirdly I find it hard to listen to very much (or perhaps that's not so weird, given how particular it is).

A couple of hours of live Newsome would be perfect, I should think. Enjoy!

Thanks for the best wishes, too.

Little Miss Random said...

Thanks, Monevator! I'm not a fan of her music, to be honest. I like the melodies, but her voice is taking some getting used to! However, given that a number of friends who really know their music are fans, and the ticket is (semi-)free, and that I like Bill Callahan's music, I figured I'd give it a shot.
Not the best of reasons, but reasons nevertheless.