Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Whoa, so got waffles with CG today (and that isn't a euphemism for anything... I wish!) and was wondering whether I should mention anything to him - like giving him up for Lent, or the fact that I was, at one point in time, in love with him - but didn't. He's a busy person, and I get that, and I get that he won't be in any sort of place that's even suitable for a conversation like that - casual or no - until much later this year. Anyway, when we were chatting, I thought to myself, oh, yay, I've moved on, and I'm just having fun now. Then he makes some off-the-cuff remark, and I think, ah, crap, no, still a little enamoured.

Then, out of nowhere, JC asks me what I'm up to today. I let him know, none-too-subtly, that I'm going to be out with another guy.

Yes, I play games. Everyone does. Game-playing is all part of the fun of dating. And I am very competitive.

He asks if I'm free tonight, and, because I am, and I'm thinking that all I want to do is have some fun, I say yes.

And we meet up. The ladies' lad surfaces. And it's all fun. Somewhere in my head, a little alarm bell is saying that I don't usually do these sorts of things... like have fun. So I put a halt to things, and we part our ways, the surprisingly gentlemanly ladies' lad and I. And I'm sitting here now, savouring the taste of Paul A. Young's single origin truffle eggs.

We're still meeting up later this week. Good thing we're always meeting up on school nights!

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