Sunday, July 11, 2010

The problem I find with coming back to Singapore is always trying to figure out why I left in the first place. I know how much more I enjoy my life in London. But I also know this: I miss my friends and family a hell of a lot. And living in Singapore is infinitely less stressful than living and working in London will ever be.

That's not to say I regret moving over; in some ways, I do, but it's only human to feel regrets for the paths not chosen. I mean, after all, had I elected to stay, I would be earning considerably more money and probably have reached the elusive promotion I wanted to get before turning 30. At the same time, money isn't everything. Experience is. But friendships count too, which is why I've been finding London more than a little tough.

A friend notes that I seem to meet people everywhere I go. That's true. But I don't really make any connections. All I do is meet transients, and not friends. I'm not even that hung up over my failure to have properly dated anyone in a while. I really just want some friends. I've got good friends in London, but I'd like more. When you've had as many as I've had surrounding you in the tiny village that is Singapore, London takes some getting used to, even for someone as outgoing and adverturous as myself. Sometimes, I think I'll never get used to it.

The problem now though is that I've changed too. And I don't think Singapore suits me any more. Not that it ever did, but it doesn't suit me more than ever. Take away the people, and this place wouldn't be home in the slightest. Home is where the heart is, and I'guess I'm lucky that my heart's big enough to span two cities.

So, what, ultimately, is the point of this post? Or even the conclusion? I don't know. I'm confused myself. But that's a reflection of how I've been feeling this whole year.

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