Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The last seven days in bullet points:
  • Inception's a good movie, though very much lacking in the emotional connection department. It's making me think, but I just don't feel all that moved by it in any way.
  • My first proper live game - Fulham v. Manchester United at Craven Cottage in the home stands - was fantastic. I learnt far too many Fulham chants, and my team didn't win, but the atmosphere was great, and the fans just wonderful. And, no, I didn't tell them which team I supported.
  • House at Frame is the best way to start one's week. I'm definitely making good use of Frame's August dance promotion. I've been to eight classes so far, so I've saved £24 to date. Woo!
  • I told my boss I wasn't being challenged at work. We'll see whether that's a good move in due course.
  • JC is apparently still very much in the frame. He's apologised for flaking out on me, and, more importantly, asked me out for a movie (so, yay, he doesn't see me as just a drinks and then off to home kind of girl) and told me he never intended to make me feel as if I was his fall-back second-choice option.
  • I've had nachos for dinner two days out of three. Not healthy. 
What's up for this weekend? Well, there's the LED Festival (Soulwax!) on Friday, SW4 (Fatboy Slim and Salte & Pepa!!!) on Sunday and plenty of rest the day after each festival.

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