Wednesday, September 08, 2010

How amazingly happy is Vampire Weekend's most recent single, White Sky? Ezra Koenig's incredibly catchy wailing just makes this song so wonderful. And Basement Jaxx's remix of it - just fantastic. Dancefloor-friendly, crazily Jaxxed up in just the right places, and even happier than the original, which is pretty damn hard to beat!

Freakin' hell. This just might about have convinced me to buy a ticket to their concert at the rather difficult to get to Alexandra Palace on December 3rd... and to Basement Jaxx's DJ set at Jamm this Friday!

Listen to White Sky on Vampire Weekend's Myspace page, and download the remix over here.

And while we're on the topic of remixes, here's a link to a remix of another Brooklyn-based band I enjoy: LCD Soundsystem - I Can Change (Tiga remix). Tiga's set at the inaugural L.E.D. Festival held on Friday - where I first heard this tune - was the best part of the entire festival, though I'll confess to enjoying the cheesetastic set that David Guetta put on to round off the night, because it was late and I'd had my fill of the harder dance stuff I so enjoy, but mainly because... it was so fun playing cheese-spotting (aka spot the next gimmick).

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