Thursday, October 14, 2010

Right. I've just sent off my first couple of messages on the online dating site. I'm not really expecting much; I'm certainly not expecting to meet the love of my life, because, well, I'm not sure I really believe in that concept all that much, given all the fickleness I've seen in both men and women, and, also because I've learnt that even when I meet the man of my dreams, I'm not necessarily the woman of his dreams, so... yeah.

Still, in spite of my less than sunny optimism, sending those messages was hard. Trying to make sure each message was personalised, yet not too neurotic or crazy was downright difficult. It's almost as difficult as sending out job applications!

Nevertheless, I'm a little excited, and what's pushed me to send those messages, rather than wait as is my wont, is the fact that I'll be flying off in 2.5 weeks time, so I do need to snag some interest prior to that.

And, well, even if nothing works out, I'll have more stories with which to entertain my friends!

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