Monday, December 06, 2010

I flew to Argentina via the US. By some twist of fate, I ended up sitting next to the same guy on the plane from the US to Buenos Aires, and back again. We ended up chatting for quite some time on both flights. He works in the US, comes from Europe and is around the same age as I am.

So, we arranged to meet up when he was due to be in town for a day this week.

However, to my complete surprise, he asked if I wanted to join him in a completely different city this weekend for "an adventure". I was astounded, not to mention cautious and a little worried.

Then I thought, what the hell, and said yes, and spent the next few days trying to figure out how to get there given the inclement weather we'd experienced last week. Then I sucked it up and booked my flight.

After that, I got worried. What if he couldn't make it there and I got stuck there by myself?

As for hotels... I asked him where he was going to stay, fully intending to book a place for myself nearby. As it turns out, he's booked the hotel for both of us.

Erm. Yes.

I don't know whether to worry or to make it clear that I'm not necessarily looking for anything to happen. I think he's an interesting guy, and I like an adventure, and, hell, yes, every now and then, I do something completely and utterly impulsive because I get tired of being so damn logical and rational almost all the time.

Should I say something now, or just fly there and trust in God who's always taken care of this foolish young sheep?


Anonymous said...

I did the same thing. knew the guy for three days. Same situation. Bloody witty and funny guy. WEnt to Rome. Live for the moment. I lived to tell the tale. He wanted me to like him but i had my heart set on someone else. We had fun. he turned out to be a gentleman. It was foolish to have gone cause so much could have happened. BUT. I was safe. We're still friends. There was a very hurt ego. BUT an amazing experience nonetheless. DO TELL YOUR FRIENDS WHEN AND WHERE YOU"RE GOING though. ENJOY!!

Little Miss Random said...

Thanks for your comments, Anonymous!

Don't worry. I might be frustrated and more than a little cranky right now, but I'm not that foolish. My friends already know the details including details of the person I'll be meeting.

Michelle said...

It'll probably be fine but I'm the worrying kind, so this worries me. I hope you'll also arrange it such that your friends will expect a certain amount of regular "I'm still OK!" contact, such that they may usefully know if and when to raise alarms.

Take care babe.

Anonymous said...