Sunday, January 23, 2011

January Bargains

Amidst all the decluttering, I've managed to fill up two more large bags of clothes, one of which is to be donated for recycling, the other to be taken to some place like Bang Bang or Chic & Seek to see if I can monetise them.

And I am still continuing to shop. Sigh. Just last week, I've bought a pair of Pierre Hardy for Gap suede wedges (£19.99, down from £89.99), a bow front mini dress in the style of Zooey Deschanel (£11 on eBay, originally £40 on ASOS), and two dresses from IngĂ©nue off Chica (one very much '60s mod, the other blue floral prints, both 50% off, both of which can be worn to the office).

I suppose the only thing I can really say is that although I am trying my best to organise my flat (I'm having some work done on it to make it more liveable), I am doing my best to bolster the faltering UK economy at the same time. If only my employer would take the same view with respect to my salary...

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