Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Online Dating

I am happy to report that the other date I had off the online dating site went much better than the first guy's. To be honest, I had a feeling it might, even though I thought the first guy was better looking than the second. It's just the different ways they had of corresponding. The first was much flirtier - and that, while fun, tends to make me a little uncomfortable, particularly if we've not met yet - and the second, well, there was less banter, but more substance, and, ultimately, more in common. We are planning to meet up another time, and I'm still debating whether to give the first guy one more shot, given that it might have been a bad day for him (even if my friend says it sounded more like the guy hated his life, as opposed to the simple case of having a bad day).

I'd been continuing to send messages to people I found interesting (code for 'cute', let's face it) and one of them who'd just joined about a fortnight ago at the very earliest wrote back to me to tell me he'd met someone on the site already. It's rather peculiar. Either men move so quickly - how can they tell? - or I'm incredibly fickle.

While we're on the subject of dating, you should check Wed or Dead out if you haven't already come across it. It's a blog written by two men in a wager to see who can get married first. And, yes, they both started out on equal footing: girlfriend-less. Very entertaining stories, but, man oh man, do I hope that I don't meet either one of them during my own dating (mis)adventures!


Biscuit said...

Hi! This is Wed or Dead Wager's Biscuit. Thank you for the kind mention. I can't believe it's been almost a year and we're STILL not married. What does a man have to do??

Good luck with your own endeavours. It's always interesting reading about dates from a girl's side of things. You're probably safe from our haphazard attempts at courting as you'd probably realise if you were on a date with either of us pretty quickly. I'd probably embarrass myself and Toast would pay particular attention to your pretty shoes.

Little Miss Random said...

Hi Biscuit,

That's a surprise; wasn't expecting either one of you to visit. 'Tis an honour!

I'm not exactly sure I'd be giving a typical female account of things. I'm a little too Western (read: feisty) for men back home and a little too Asian (read: conservative) for men here!

In any case, having read both yours and Toast's write-ups, I'm definitely not your type and I'm not tall enough to be Toast's type, so, alas, there will be no mysterious coincidence and wacky hijinks ensuing as a result.

All the best to you and Toast, and have fun in New York! If it's any consolations - and it's probably not, and I apologise for that - you're great at storytelling!