Sunday, January 16, 2011

So my person has persuaded me to give the online dating site I'm on another three months before pulling the plug. It isn't as if I haven't given it the old college try. I paid for a three month membership after all. And this time, before renewing it for another three months, I got a British male friend of mine to review my profile, and, although he did agree that there was one point I should tone down (apparently, I sound a bit 'manic' because I do loads of things), he's at a loss to explain why I've only had three people get in touch with me the entire time, or why no one's responded to the carpet bomb of messages I've sent out.

In addition, my person and I went through a few of the introductory e-mails I've been sending out and she doesn't see anything wrong with them either.

Fortunately, I'm past the stage where I'd go, "well, seeing as we've eliminated the profile itself and the introductory e-mails as the cause of any problems, it's clearly got to be the fact that I look horrible" because, duh, I know I don't. I look positively smokin' in the photos, whether it's the party photos or the ones where I'm just relaxing some place quiet.

So, having had a girly night in with my person which resulted in us adding a couple more favourites on that site and sending out a couple of messages to people who sounded interesting, I guess I'm just hoping that there'll be some sort of positive response.

That being said, I am meeting two people from the site this month - dates I've been putting off for a bit - although, looks-wise, neither of them look like the kind of guy I'm usually attracted to, but I can't really judge unless I meet them in person, so... yeah... here goes.

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