Friday, February 11, 2011

Possibly the Most Terrifying Weekend I'll Have in a Long While

So, I am heading to a Singles Night tomorrow night. As with all dating events I have been to - and I think that's been two so far - there've always been more females than males. I'm not sure if it's down to an actual male-female imbalance in London, or if females are just more willing to take the plunge or if guys don't have the same kind of issues females do. I don't know.

I'll admit I don't do dating nights all that often. For one thing, I don't have a wingperson and it's scary to go to these things by yourself. So I tend to do those which are unusual. For instance, I'd love to try Down With Dating, although my ego may not be up that much abuse! I'd also like to try giving A Game of Two Halves a go because the Edwardian chat-up lines and table football sound like they might take the edge off.

In any case, I am off to a dinner event tomorrow and the food is meant to be fantastic, so that's the main reason I'm going. The fact that there may be single men there is a bonus, although I am still in a slight state of terror that I am going to this all by myself. This is compounded by my having to get a bottle of wine and a slab of cheese. Actually, if people judge me on the basis of the wine and cheese I select, they're probably t**ts and not worth getting to know, so no loss there!

The only issue is that I can't drink that much that night, as after that comes BIG SATURDAY. No, I'm not referring to the Manchester derby. I'm getting a new floor installed. And my flat is a mess. I'm terrified about what they may find when they rip up the old floor. I have visions of myself curling up into a foetal position and just going "no, no, no, no, NO!" five minutes after the contractors arrive.

Being a homeowner's hard.

If all goes well though:
  • I'll have a beautiful floor which I might be tempted to ruin by putting on my tango shoes and testing out whether it is well and truly scratch-proof,
  • I'll be able to go catch The Blanks (aka Ted's Band or the Worthless Peons off Scrubs) that night, and, 
  • I won't have to spend too much time clearing up on Sunday so I can go and meet Mr. Late for drinks and a concert.
But that's only if all goes well. If all goes poorly - whether on Friday or Saturday - I'll probably have a breakdown. That always works.

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