Friday, February 25, 2011

Psychopathic, I mean, Psychometric Testing

So... I went through an intensive round of psychometric assessments today. Ever since 'failing' one over a year ago whereupon the company in question decided I wasn't good enough at, essentially, my job, to go through to the next round, despite empirical evidence to the contrary (I mean, hello? I've consistently scored in the top 20% of my batch across the region in bigger organisations than the one in question, so that was a huge insult to me), I've been a bit nervous about such tests.

I mean, I re-read the personality assessment that I got the last time, and... it's me but not. It highlights my shortcomings and flaws (in addition to my strengths, yes), but, people I work with wouldn't recognise me, because I've got those under control. So what if I get nervous before big events and presentations? It's not posed a problem for me before. I still get through them all right, even if I have to field questions. But it'd be a complete lie for me to say that I don't get stressed before such events. My colleagues now just wouldn't know anything about it because I do my best not to show it. And, I maintain, if I've got it under control (more or less), it shouldn't be a matter for concern. I can't eradicate it. I'm not a superwoman, you know.

In any case, this particular assessment asked questions I hadn't encountered before, including:
  • Did you have a history of petty thievery in your childhood?
  • Do you sleepwalk?
  • Have you ever had any blackouts?
  • Have you ever fainted from causes other than heart disease?
Naturally, I responded in the affirmative to all of them. As you do, don't you know. I may be a narcoleptic kleptomaniac with an exceedingly nervous disposition, but at least I've got integrity.

In all seriousness, I really hope I get through to the next round, whatever that may be. I'm not 100% sure about this position. Indeed, I'm not 100% sure what it is but, like every driven individual, I just want to get to the end, get the offer and then consider my options.


Michelle said...

"I may be a narcoleptic kleptomaniac with an exceedingly nervous disposition, but at least I've got integrity."

This just deserved to be singled out for praise. LOL!

Little Miss Random said...

Thanks, Mich!

I guess I should be glad that "are you a dishonest person?" followed by "are you sure?" wasn't in the list of 300+ questions I had to answer.

My mind just might have exploded.

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