Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just one of those days

I have been exhausted lately. And this is why.

I commute to work. I work long hours. I commute back home. I prepare dinner. I eat. I'm still too wound up to sleep. I surf. I get engrossed in watching TV online. I do everything possible to put off important tasks such as cleaning up my flat so that I can get the tradesman in and let them do their thing comfortably, or sending in job applications, or messaging people on online dating sites. I get my act together and decide that today's the day I need to do all those things. So, it is now 1.35 am, I have applied for two jobs, and messaged one person and favourited two others.

I will now head off to bed in the full knowledge that I will be up in about five hours time. I somehow already know that my time would have been better spent getting an extra hour of sleep instead of indulging in activities which will only validate the fact that it's not anyone else, it's me.

I know. It's just one of those days. Hell, it's been one of those months.

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