Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Decisions, choices, negotiation - part 2.5

This isn't meant to be a meaningful post. It's 3.20 am, for goodness' sake. Nothing good can come from my being up this late. And why exactly am I up this late anyway? In part, I had some admin to do - some very big admin which I'd rather not get into - and, while searching for the paperwork I needed for that, I came across my current employment contract and realised that I'd underestimated the pay cut I'd be taking for this new opportunity.

For the record, I have a good idea in my head what decision I will end up making. It's just taking me a long time to get there because of the price I'm going to have to pay. I'm not making peanuts by any stretch of the imagination but I am living in London, have a mortgage to pay, am used to a certain middle-class standard of living (and the occasional pretty frock and pair of terribly impractical shoes) and - this is the important bit - would very much love to retire someday.

So exactly what is this bit I hadn't factored into my equation? Simple. The pension. And, yes, the company making me the offer is so small that it doesn't need to offer me one, while my current employer's offering me a fairly decent one. I say fairly decent because nothing quite matches up to Singapore's mandatory 20% employer contribution, but, still, substantial enough for me to have to be an incredibly shrewd investor in order to try and make up for that and everything else.


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