Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Penelope Trunk - Advisor to lost sheep

Amidst all of the discussion about my job offer, there's one site I came across which I felt really spoke to me: Penelope Trunk's blog. Sure, I'm the typical self-help sucker who'd fall for anything, but, in all honesty, when you're feeling so terribly lost and confused, any little bit helps. In fact, I felt the site was so good that I ended up buying her new book, telling her why I had done so. And, today, a day in which I felt I owed my boss to tell him that I was considering the offer in spite of not having signed the contract yet, I came across this, and decided to just deal with my over-active Catholic guilt complex and just wait it out. I also realised I'd been doing a lot of this (no. 4 to be precise) simply because I was scared.

I shared the site tonight with the Person who is, curiously enough, facing the same situation as I am, though perhaps with different considerations. She found it incredibly useful. So, if there are any regular readers out there at all, or just anyone who finds themselves as confused as I have over the past few weeks, go over to Penelope's site and give it a shot. I doubt you'll regret it.

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