Wednesday, April 20, 2011

When Women Talk

So M. and I, the first two females to join our department, went out for lunch. We were joined by one of our younger male colleagues, R. The following conversation ensued:

Talking about a new supervisor (who seems oblivious to the fact that his assistants seem to fancy him)
R.: Do you think he can deliver?
Me: He seems to be very capable. And he's got to be good at his work because he's clueless about women.
M.: Yes, men who have no idea about women are very good at what they do. He's had the good fortune to meet his soul-mate early on in life and get married because, otherwise, he'd be floundering now.
R.: Wow, when men talk, it's very factual. When women talk, they do it with so much more flair.

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