Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Party! Party! Party!

A conversation with a friend made me realise that I'm dealing with several matters, each of which are incredibly stressful in their own right, all at the same time, including:
  1. Having been promoted to a position of significantly greater responsibility
  2. Moving on to a new job
  3. Having work done on my flat 
And that perhaps I should just cut myself some slack and stop stressing about them so much.

You'd think #1 wouldn't matter given #2, but the truth is that I've been struggling since I took on a bigger portfolio as I've had a truckload of meetings to attend, loads of things to have to present and document, and so on.

Now, I may be leaving the company, but I have promised to get these things out before I leave and that's not been terribly easy (which accounts for why I left the office at 7.30 pm today on the most beautiful of spring days so far).

I've covered #2 to death (yes, I'm sick of it even before I start, always a good sign) and will not touch it until a few weeks time because my start date is so far away.

On #3, after having the new floor installed (and it's wonderful, and I love it and just sliding on it makes me happy), it was time to tackle getting my bedroom ready for a new wardrobe. Having learnt from the floor installation that every little thing in this country costs a f***-load of cash compared to Singapore, this was definitely starting to stress me out. I didn't really know how to go about getting a quote from a builder/electrician/whatever, or, rather, didn't really know how to get a quote from someone reliable, wasn't sure about timelines, and, yes, of course, the cost. I've now reached the stage where I don't really care anymore and am just willing to pay to get it done, rather than thinking that what they're asking for in relation to what I think is a fairly small job, would be sufficient to pay for half a month's rent here. When you add in the fact that I'm living by myself, in a flat which isn't a newbuild (and, hence, needs a little more work), don't have a concierge, and that I do generally work fairly long hours, it's just a little difficult to cope sometimes.

BUT, as I said, I've found a builder, and my wardrobe is, miraculously enough, being delivered on time, so, by late May, I will hopefully have transferred my enormous collection of clothes into my new fancy wardrobe and will have shelves and a full-length mirror for the first time ever since moving to London.

I am very much looking forward to that day.

This of course can only mean one thing: PARTY! I've finally come round to the idea of letting my friends come over and trash my new place. I'm excited! It's great to finally see the light at the end of this tunnel.

Ever since I realised that, I've felt better. Also, it's nice to be reminded that it's okay to feel stressed and generally helpless every now and then, no matter how old you are, as long as you realise you're actually handling much more than you think you are. I have always been incredibly hard on myself, and I think it's about time I learn that I should just forgive myself for being human.

And, hey, that'd be another reason to celebrate, yes?

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