Friday, May 20, 2011


Been rather busy of late, hence the lack of updates. This week has been filled with gigs, going out with colleagues, resting a strained ankle, and a little bit of planning with respect to Buenos Aires, a trip which is filling me with excitement and utter terror simultaneously. I've got the same feeling about my new job, so I'm starting to think all great opportunities will come with the same combination of exhilaration and terror. I'll get used to it. One day.

I really do need some time to plan my trip out properly, but, seeing as I am usually also Little Miss Busy Bee, I haven't quite been able to find the time to do so. I haven't been working out that much this week as I've been so utterly exhausted, and, perhaps that has something to do with a wisdom tooth eruption/infection/emergence which is making me feel a little ill, but, I'll power through as I usually do.

In any case, this weekend will consist of dancing (samba and other Latin dances), power plate, and a lot of eating.

I'll also be meeting up with someone who has hit on me exactly the same way twice in three years: by running after me in the streets and telling me how gorgeous I am. This time around, however, I am single, and, while I'm not feeling it (owing to circumstances surrounding the first time he tried it), I'll be giving him a chance and seeing how we get on. At least, this time I don't have an irrationally jealous boyfriend to tie me down.

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