Saturday, June 11, 2011

Feels like coming home

I can't explain just how happy I am to be in Buenos Aires. Sure, I am a little lonely here and it is not cheap to be doing the activities that give me this great incredible feeling of being centred, but... It is just such a great city!

I thought I might regret coming back to a city I visited just eight months ago, and, unlike many people, I am not back here because of a boy (not that there's anything wrong with that, as I would love to have that reason), but, I just feel so glad to be here once again, all on my own.

This morning, I was walking around the beautiful leafy barrio that is Palermo, and there were tears in my eyes as I took in the unique architecture, the amazing street art, the glorious sunlight and the incredible helado. Hey, if fate should choose to shove a hitherto unknown branch of the best helado in Buenos Aires on my walk home, why should I ignore it?

So far, I have found two of the quaintest cafés ever (Matilda's in San Telmo and Oui Oui in Palermo) and eaten the best toast I have ever come across (Café Crespin in Villa Crespo). I have eaten some incredible helado (Persicco in Palermo Viejo, dulce de leche con brownie and chocolate amagro which melted all over my hand on a warm Autumn day) and eaten my favourite Argentinian snack - empanadas.

I have chanced across a vintage shop and bought two amazing necklaces, something which is turning into a bit of a Buenos Aires habit for me. I also got a discount for being so nice and friendly with the English-speaking owner, Milva.

I have met an ang moh from Singapore quite randomly while in one of the cafés and also ran into someone I may have danced with years ago in SEA Jam while at La Viruta.

And, the main reason I am so happy right now, is because I got to go horse riding again at Caballos a la Par with Adriàn and his new helper, Miriam. This time, I got a spirited pure Arabian horse by the name of Forastero (meaning from another land, just like me). And, once again, it was the best feeling ever! I was told that I really am incredibly good at it, this time, also by Miriam, who said I did have talent and it wasn't something they were just saying.

I really wish I could go for another lesson before I leave, but I am here to learn tango and I need to be disciplined. I know I will still try to see if I can fit in another lesson though. I never learn when to say no!

And it is very hard when you are torn by two passions and you do not have sufficient time to do both. Money isn't exactly a problem, not right now, given my short time here, but, I do so love that feeling I get when I get the horse to canter and just go along with it, while completely in control.

On a sad note, Caramelo, the feisty new horse I decided to attempt to ride the first time I came, had died of a virus one and a half months ago. They have had another two horses die of different reasons (colic) and, yes... It's sad.

On tango though, there are so many different styles and I am just trying to see which one I like and what the differences are. No wonder they call it tango studies!

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