Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Touchdown in Buenos Aires

Touched down in Buenos Aires a few hours ago, miraculously managing to be among the few flights untouched by the ash cloud. Am now settled into the studio apartment I found on AirBnB which not only has a gorgeous rooftop terrace and is incredibly centrally located as well. And, you may have figured, the wifi works!

I am curently basking in a sunlit room trying to get some sleep before my first tango lesson as I got very little sleep on the plane... as usual! The guy next to me on the plane joked I must have gotten to know him real well, having watched him sleep for eight hours.

Speaking of that, the flights between DC and Bs As are fast becoming my favourite flights. The in-flight entertainment may be lousy, and the food even worse, but the people next to me have always been cool, friendly and male (although, to be fair, I only have a sample size of two guys so far). I'm definitely not having the same kind of encounter I did the last time around as I am fairly certain this guy's gay, but, still, the conversation was good.

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