Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some things never change

Upon my arrival, I mentioned to my mother the great discrepancy I discovered in the sheer number of places which offered free wifi in Buenos Aires and Washington, D.C. compared to London and Singapore*, despite the latter two being considered among the top financial centres of the world.

My mother: We've got wifi at home.
Me: Really? That's cool.
My mother: Though we're not entirely sure, as your father doesn't know how to set it up properly. But now that you're home...
Me: Okay.

(Once we've reached home)

Me: Right. What's the password for the wifi?
My mother: Your dad says it's xxxxxxx.
Me: That's not working. I'll just log on to the PC and see what I can find. (pause) What's the password to log on to the PC?
My mother: I don't know.
Me: (playing around and trying several passwords after seeing the hint) Nothing's working.
My mother: Well, we were hoping you could sort it out now that you're back...
Me: Right...

In other news, the weather forecast for the next four days is either "Heavy Rain Showers" or "Thundery Showers"". *sigh* Thank you, Singapore, for the allowing me one dry day today.

* Singapore is wifi'd up, I'm told, but you need a local mobile number in order to log on, which I don't have as my phone's locked. So... we'll see!

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