Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Singapore's Best Coffee

The last time I was back, I had quite a few ridiculously good coffees in the land of kopi-o. I went to Oriole, Highlander, Kith Cafe, Papa Palheta, Black and Dimbulah.

The best one, in my personal opinion, is Oriole which had not just the best combination of really convenient location and great coffee, but had an incredibly delicious tasting coffee in the form of its World Barista Championship entry, Citrus Sin. I'm not the biggest fan of citrus; I don't like lemon meringues, I dislike Grand Marnier, and I think orange and chocolate as a combination, frankly, shouldn't work. The Citrus Sin, however, converted me. It's so damn yummy that I'm salivating now just thinking of it!

Since I was last here, several new cafes have opened up, all purporting to serve world-class coffee. Of course, given Singapore's proximity to Australia, this really shouldn't be a big surprise. The ones I've read the most about are Loysel's Toy (by the same guys behind Papa Palpeta, but in a more convenient location) and Forty Hands. And thanks to this very detailed blog entry, other cafes I haven't yet tried now include CuppaChoice at Temple Street, SoHo Coffee on Armenian Street, EspressoSoul at EFG Building on North Bridge Road, Joe & Dough, The Plain on Craig Road, and, of course 1-Caramel of Angry Birds Coffee fame!

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Little Miss Random said...

Just a quick one to say:
- Joe & Dough was so-so, about on par with Costa"s flat white or slightly better. The strange thing is that they charge more for taking away as opposed to drinking it at the cafe itself.
- Soho was pretty good,. The flat white was a bit mild but service was incredibly friendly so I'd definitely rate it as a place that I need to return to! My Qype review can be found here.