Sunday, July 10, 2011

One Night in Bangkok

So far!

We'd only been here for six hours and we've managed to try out Bangkok's best pad thai (Thip Samai), a very heavy and starchy local dessert one stall down and toasted bread with condensed milk from Mont, a place which has been around since 1964.

In a rather fortuitous moment, my travel companion has brought along a guide to Bangkok's best 50 street food stalls, which will make this trip even better for us. I am also planning to get a new suit or two tailored, at least one massage, dinner at Bo.Lan (at Tom Eats' recommendation), meet up with a friend and work on my speech and wedding playlist.

I know, that's why I tweeted that I'd try to relax this time around. I really do need someone to rescue me from myself sometimes.

Incidentally, the solemnisation went well, and the music was largely approved of by the bridal couple. Now, just on to the rest of the things I need to do, such as planning the wedding games!

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