Sunday, July 03, 2011

Review: Spa Botanica at The Sentosa Resort

Spa Botanica is not your typical spa experience. It's definitely not the place to go to if you're looking for a simple massage or facial. It's somewhere you go if you're looking to be well and truly pampered. The spa treatments may not be cheap (I paid $139 for a 60 minute massage before GST and service charge, equivalent to London prices), but access to the spa's facilities is included in the price, which, in my opinion, is worth the premium charged by Spa Botanica.

If you don't believe me, perhaps the fact that Spa Botanica has won several awards, including "Best Spa Experience" in spa-laden Singapore from the Singapore Tourism Board, will convince you.

On the day I visited, I'd opted for the East-West Blend Massage as I was suffering from really tense shoulders. My masseuse took one look at me and told me she'd modify the massage to address the really obvious tension in my neck and shoulders as opposed to giving me a pure East-West massage. She also explained the theory behind what she would be doing, the different kinds of pain I might experience during a typical massage and how to deal with the pain. She also said that if I didn't trust her, she wouldn't be able to give me a good massage, because I wouldn't be able to relax.

She was obviously experienced in what she did and everything she said made sense, so, trust her I did, and I let her get on with the business of attempting to relax my incredibly hard shoulders.

Despite the short duration of the massage (I prefer 90 minute massages as they are more effective but the spa was fully booked up), what she did worked and I came out of the treatment room feeling much lighter.

After that, it was time to enjoy the facilities: the waterfall floatation pool, the mud pool and the jacuzzi. The waterfall was incredibly fun, even though I found the floatation bed a little hard to control. Essentially, I lay face-down on a floating bed and positioned myself under the artificial waterfall, letting the falling water massage my back. Very relaxing.

The mud pool - an area where I smeared mud from New Zealand all over my body, let it dry and then washed it off - was pretty cool. My skin did feel smoother after the treatment, so I guess it must work!

After that, it was time for us to return to the real world. My massage therapist told me I should return before leaving Singapore to try out their Galaxy Steam Room as the spa is the only one in Singapore to have such a thing. It sounds pretty cool, even though I don't think I will have the time to check it out, so I thought I'd mention it for others thinking about this place.

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