Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Good Vibes, Great Deal

Went for my second TRX session today, and my arms are aching. If you factor in two hours of dance yesterday and yoga on Sunday, that’s four consecutive days of activity. Let’s see if I can make it to six before Love Brunch this weekend!

On another note, Good Vibes, the studio I swear by even if I don’t go as regularly as I used to, is offering an incredible deal of a one-year membership at a lump sum of £750. That works out to £62.50 a month, against the cheapest offer of £100 a month usually!

Perhaps you don’t think that it’s a good deal at all, but, I’d point out that the studios are located in central London (Covent Garden and Fitzrovia), offer power plate sessions (which usually go for between £12.50 and £20 each, depending on whether you have purchased a package or are just dropping in for a session), Vinyasa yoga (a dynamic form of yoga, so perfect for an active person like me), Pilates and spinning, all of which are taught by ably qualified and attentive instructors.

If you’re not sure whether you’d like to commit to such a large payment upfront, then give their 30 days for £30 deal a go and decide from there.

But, be warned, the one-year membership offer expires at midnight on December 31st. You can be sure I’ve got that in my diary!

P.S. No, I get nothing from Good Vibes for writing about this. I just think it’s an unmissable deal at a wonderful studio.

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