Sunday, November 17, 2002

I just recalled this thought that I had last night just after I returned home from the post-function party.

As was written in the previous entry, I had a little too much to drink. Or more accurately, a little too much to drink considering how little food I ate. I hadn't had much time to grab lunch while I was working at the function from 3 pm to 10 pm and only just managed to grab a kebab at 6.30 pm, which unfortunately left me a bit too full to eat dinner before the food stalls closed. Given that I drank my usual amount of alcohol at the club, that meant that it had a stronger effect than normal.

As was also written in the previous entry, I was also quite lonely and bored, missing all my good friends with whom I could be myself with and not have to worry about how far I can and should go.

I guess the combination of these two factors led to the thought that crossed my mind the moment I stepped back into my own home - that if any of the people I had been with last night had made a move, I would have responded.

The undeniable fact is that I don't find any of the people I was with particularly attractive - except for this one person, but that's a different story all together. And that I would even consider 'responding' to any of their advances is a thought repugnant to me - not because they're not good people in their own right, but because that action would be at odds with my character and personality. I didn't even think about that when I went clubbing with the ex to see Fatboy Slim earlier this year, and even then, I found him very attractive and he had been hitting on me the entire night.

I guess I should watch myself more carefully next time I go clubbing trying to ease the ache the distance between my good friends and I is currently causing.

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