Saturday, November 23, 2002

It's been that roller-coaster sort of day. Woke up feeling a little discontent because due to some freak allergic reaction I suffered, I missed out on watching the Harry Potter movie last night even though my friends had bought tickets for me. Also, I had a big presentation yesterday and being the kind of person that I am, I just kept feeling like I messed up in parts where I shouldn't have, and didn't answer questions directly even though I could have. And if you add that to the fact that I didn't step out of the house at all until 8.30pm, you can guess it wasn't a very good day for me... at least initially.

Then my friends asked me out to go bowling. I'm a horrible bowler, so I was just planning to watch, especially since they wanted to go disco-bowling - essentially where instead of normal lighting, there's UV lighting and they play clubbing sort of music. Bowling with luminous balls was pretty interesting even though my score basically sucked - 41 in the first game and 52 in the next. But I was having fun, so yay!

There was this guy there who I think was flirting with me. I had seen him before in university and he knew some people I knew - including the ex. Maybe it's his normal way of talking to girls, but he sort of reminded me of this guy I met a couple of years back who's always especially nice to girls, so I can't quite tell whether they're flirting or if it's just their normal behaviour. Anyway, it was a strange feeling. He's not bad-looking and I was enjoying semi-flirting back, but at the same time, I was missing a certain someone sort of badly. To top it off, I didn't want to ask this guy for his number since I'm tired of innocently asking for people's numbers and having that miscontrued as a sign of interest. In any case, he volunteered it, so great ;)

So there you have it - the last weekend before my birthday wasn't a dud after all!

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