Sunday, November 10, 2002

Why do I want to call you?

And is it actually possible for me to finish a conversation with you - either on the phone or on IM - without feeling like I just did the stupidest thing ever?

I can answer the first, but the second is going to take someone of far greater intellectual ability than I... so on to the first question.

To hear your voice.

Chatting with you on the IM isn't the same. Nor is reading an e-mail, although the latter does rank above the former. There's a part of me that loves the sound of your voice and hearing it brings you that much closer than anything in this world - barring an airplane - can.

As for the second question... I just wish I had someone here who could tell me what the right course of action is. Or someone who can get rid of that stupid annoying tendency of mine to read just about the worst possible meaning into every situation - especially where you're involved.

I just miss all my good friends a lot and it so completely sucks to be lonely in a place which I call home.

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