Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Originally written November 26 2003 - 9.41 am.

Can you believe it? I'm still high! I'm still in that incredible state of bliss, still finding grins breaking out ever so often. I went to bed at 6.30 am on Tuesday and woke up at 9.45 am that same morning in order to visit a friend for Hari Raya and even though I was completely exhausted by the time noon came around, it seemed that I was still all smiley. Even today, even now, I'm still happy, undaunted by the prospect of having to submit an assignment by the end of this week, or that after that I only have two weeks to complete my next one, which is more complicated than the one I've been spending a month on.

Part of me is still shrieking in disbelief at my behaviour at 4 am that night at Centro, that I salsa'd with a guy I had just met. I'm still working on imposing some distance; after all, we're both dancers. I acknowledge that in salsa, they do dance that intimately, more intimately than we do in swing, but still, dancing is just that, dancing, and shouldn't be misconstrued to mean something more than it is. But. I had a lot of fun. He has a great body and he is rather cute. Ultimately, whatever else happens, or doesn't happen, it shouldn't take anything away from the fact that for that period of time, I let my hair down completely, jumping around madly, screaming, dancing, and that if it didn't hurt me that time, it should be possible for me not to feel so self-conscious about it and to be able to do so another time.

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