Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Originally written on November 25 6.11 am.

Oh. My. Gosh.

Judge Jules' set was incredibly hardcore. He played a banging set, dropping Pulser's My Religion and Motorcycle's As The Rush Comes, among other hard trance and hard house tunes. It's been a while since I could sing to a trance song (i.e. ATRC) so that was really cool. He played Lil Louis's French Kiss as well... and at the part where the woman reaches her climax, I let out a scream of sheer enjoyment. Yes. I was rather high.

That I was in such a state was clearly evident when the next DJ, Godwin P, came on. He changed the mood of the set tremendously, dropping techno tracks, and generally, I just wanted Jules to come back on. I would have left too, if not for the fact that this guy had started dancing with us - and I ended up dancing with him. He could shake his booty so I asked him if he knew salsa. Apparently, he did, and he begun salsa'ing with me. Man, did he have a fine body and incredibly smooth skin. Trust me, my hands were a little naughty that night. Well, okay, more than a little. But he encouraged it, so what the hell. Who am I to argue?

I have to admit that my brain was yelling at me during this point. "What the F**K are you doing?" kept going through my head. I mean, yes, I only met that guy like on Saturday... but he can move so well...

He told me - twice - that he'd had a little too much to drink... but by then, so had I, so I didn't care. He told me that he's been told he dances like a girl... but dude, honestly... not like any girl I've seen, or danced with! And I have seen many.

Best part is: he told our mutual friend that I'm a good dancer - and his friend agreed! That really is one of the best compliments anyone can give me. I mean, I'm so mad about dancing and that I'm so convinced that I'm not born to be a dancer!

Too bad he prefers ladies who are 'different' (i.e. not local) and who are older than he is. I definitely wouldn't mind.

If Coldplay's Clocks was the icing on the cake, the dancing was like a cup of the world's best cappuccino. Smooth, intense, delicious and very nice to hold between the hands. Hmm-mm!

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