Sunday, May 16, 2004

Went to Zouk last night to partake of the genius that is Ferry Corsten. I had a fantastic time. Four and three-quarter hours of greatness. Trance, electro and then more trance anthems. And who would have thought that I'd enjoy the electro parts just that tiny little bit more than the trance-y bits? For once, I managed to leave all of my troubles at the door before entering Zouk. Usually, whatever stress I'm going through just stays on my mind and I end up brooding rather than enjoying the music and dancing.

Yes. I had a blast of a time last night. I wasn't intending to drink, but I ended up the night, after three G & Ts, one peach Breezer and one Bourbon Coke, a tad tipsy. In case you're wondering why I constantly count the number of drinks I have, it's just so that I can see if my tolerance is increasing in any way.

And yesterday night was my very first pick-up ever in Zouk. Or more like, it's the first time someone - or someones - tried to pick me up. An English bloke working in Singapore who seems enamoured of all Singaporean girls (quote "I'd trade ten of these girls for you" unquote) and his South African client who started off the whole thing by giving me the peach Breezer since he only wanted one bottle but it was a one-for-one special.

Ended up using my friend to rescue me and met with another one of his friends who turned out to be surprisingly okay. I say surprisingly because most of the people I've ever seen from that crowd tend to be loud and raucous and are generally above average in terms of looks but have that "I know I'm good-looking" vibe about that, if you get what I mean.

And the ultimate compliment - paid by that friend of his - "You look happy."

Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've had that fun a time?

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