Saturday, December 25, 2004

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday, I got home from the office to find a single rose on my doorstep with a note from my ex-boyfriend telling me that in line with the Swedish tradition, I'm getting my gift on the 24th, and wishing me a Merry Christmas. I can't begin to describe how that made me feel.

Christmas Eve celebrations didn't go entirely as planned. We had a pretty sparse dinner - S. had Japanese noodles with cheese from Taka, Y. had a snack at home while I had pate on toast - before embarking on drinking proper at my place. Bacardi Oro with nicely pulpy orange juice was our choice of poison for the night. At 9.15 pm, we left to go to Zouk to get the Happy Hour priced tickets (S$25), but turns out they were sold out and we ended up paying S$38 to get in (inclusive of one drink).

Then, we chill at Wine Bar while waiting for a decent time to go into Zouk and we get a couple of Tigers while talking to S.'s significant other and his sister, S.'s colleagues and some Samoan sailors who happen to be in town for the night and are definitely looking for some action. Mind you, these sailors are gi-normous and could quite conceivably crush your head with one hand. After the beers, we go into the main room at around 10.45 pm and get on the very empty dance floor, which starts filling up soon after my gals and I start gettin' jiggy wi' it. I notice we've had that effect on other places as well, which is neat. Of course, it could be a coincidence but allow us to flatter ourselves that bit more, yes?

I had been planning to go to Midnight Mass but due to the fun I was having, as well as the alcohol I had been consuming, I decide that it's probably best for me not to go the church that night and instead go the following evening. It turns out to be a good decision on my part seeing what happened after. Now, some time after 11 pm, M. (S.'s friend) takes advantage of the Midnight Madness promotion and gets two jugs of Long Island Iced Tea, a drink which I used to think I could handle, but not anymore - not after what happened at Velvet a fortnight ago and what happened last night!

Deep Dish started spinning some time after midnight and they were pretty good... I think! At least I had a nice time, dancing with S., Y., M., E. (S.'s colleague) and some gay guys on the platform. But then, S. wanted to go home at about 12.45 am owing to the copious amounts of alcohol she had imbibed and so, being the great friends that we are, Y. and I sent her home. And seeing as my home is so near S.'s place, we went back to my place although we were both thinking, "I can't believe we left Zouk that early!" and were seriously considering heading back there, especially since M. and E. were looking for us, the latter even going as far as offering to come over and pick us up.

But, we ended up chatting, as we always do, and eating chips and grapes and then another friend, A., came over and we watched The Princess Bride before we decided to officially call it a night.

Not quite the wild and crazy Christmas Eve I had envisioned for myself, but hey, I had fun, and I may have picked up an admirer to replace the rather strange admirer who asked me out for drinks the night before and then the day after tells me that he's going for drinks with his girlfriend.

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