Monday, April 11, 2005

Text conversation between my friend (the same one I kissed and who turned out to have been sick for the last few weeks with a cough) and I:
Me: Hey, I'm getting a sore throat and also suffering from acute embarrassment.
Him: Sorry! For the sore throat that is.
Me: And I'm coughing now too! You work fast. That settles it. Option B - Never again! I'll be good from now on. I've learnt my lesson.
Him: I thought we settled on Option B last night? Don't tell me you were considering otherwise? Heh.
Me: I'm flexible. I like to deal with things as and when they arise. I thought we could still dance together, just no kissing. I'll try and tone down my hotness. ;P
Him: Ha ha! Not sure if you'll be successful nor if I'll be able to resist.
Me: Thanks. It's nice hearing that.
Him: Hearing what? That I think you're hot?
Me: Yes. I'm vain and terribly insecure. And I very rarely hear guys tell me that. Can I stop explaining now? I'm embarrassed enough as it is!
Him: ;P Okay.