Monday, June 20, 2005

I didn't use to like Depeche Mode. Of all the New Wave bands, I only listened to New Order, not Pet Shop Boys, not The Cure, not Duran Duran and certainly not Depeche Mode. The only song I liked by them was Somebody, which is like, everyone's favourite.

Then after James Zabiela dropped Enjoy The Silence, where I had the distinct pleasure of listening to my guy sing along to it while holding me in his arms, I decided to hunt down the single just so I could listen to it at work. Instead of finding the original, I stumbled across a reinterpretation by Mike Shinoda. Yes, the MC of Linkin Park.

I was initially a little apprehensive about it because Linkin Park's treatment of songs doesn't vary very much. Heavy crashing something or other a minute into the song. And true enough, it's the case with Shinoda's reinterpretation... except that it's brilliant. Go listen to it here. The music video isn't bad either.

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