Sunday, June 19, 2005

James Zabiela was a bit of a let-down last night. I mean, he was still good, but just that, the hype was so much that we were all anticipating more than we got. That, and the fact that idiotic people had complained about his scratching too much the last time he came, so he toned down. People, people, people. His scratching's one of the best parts of his set. Morons. But there were unexpected moments of brilliance, such as when he played remixes of New Order - Blue Monday, KLF - What Time Is Love, Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence and the best one of all, Lamb - Gorecki.

So it turned out I was one of the other highlights of the night. Because I was wearing that incredibly revealing top I purchased almost a year ago from Punkyfish.

Note to self: buy smaller strapless bra so that I don't have to tug my top down every five minutes or so to cover it up.

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