Sunday, July 10, 2005

Anthony Pappa was brilliant last night. He turned in the best set I've heard this year, beating even Steve Lawler's fantastic set at Zouk earlier this year. Going full on dark, dirty and progressive house with the very occasional foray into trance, Pappa's set was a complete mind-f*** experience, but in the best possible way. His build-ups were almost impossible to take; first he'd build up the music and instead of letting it peak, he'd take it down slightly, then build it up even higher, then take it down again, and build it up again and just when you thought you couldn't take any more, he'd unleash an explosive climax. It was one hell of an experience for sure, with all of the dancers on the floor making love to the music, letting Pappa have his way with us.

I wasn't the only one to feel this way for sure. Looking around, I saw people dancing wildly with wide grins on their faces. I could no more suppress the grin on my face then I could have kept my feet from moving.

His first encore began at 4.30 am and he began with a track that I didn't expect to hear for sure: LSG - Netherworld. As it's a pretty old trance track and most of the people at Zouk were house-heads, I don't think that many people recognised it but I did for sure, and I was jumping madly to it the whole entire time it was played. I think it embodied the entire sound of Pappa's set quite well, as it's got three distinct parts to the song (techy, uplifting and then real hard), and anyone listening to it gets kind of messed up too (in the good sense, of course). T. even asked me if all three parts belonged to the same song!

I ended up leaving one or two tracks before his encore ended because I simply couldn't take it anymore. My feet, bruised and battered in my incredibly worn-out sneakers, were aching like hell, and I knew it was only a matter of time before the rest of my body started to protest due to my once-in-a-blue-moon visit to the weights area of the gym. So, in spite of my die-hard chiongster doesn't-leave-till-the-DJ-stops-or-I-drop-dead reputation, I opted to leave to get - yes - 15 more minutes of sleep then I would've otherwise. But I honestly couldn't take it anymore. I could hardly even walk up the stairs to get out of Zouk.

And to think that earlier in the week, I was contemplating missing out on this because I knew for sure I'd see T. there and I wasn't sure how I'd take it. But some time has passed since our argument, I've been completely worn out by work and hence have lost all energy to be angry or even hurt, we've talked, sorted out what I suppose should be called a misunderstanding, and we're pretty much back on the same terms now, except that we both know where we stand. And yes, I'm happy again.

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