Thursday, October 27, 2005

While looking for information on the Above & Beyond gig that's taking place at Zouk KL tomorrow night, I stumbled across this horror:

Retro Retro DJ Competition @ Liquid

Inspired by their weekly Retro Retro night held every Wednesday, Liquid launches a DJ competition specifically held for the retro category, calling out to all talented and experienced DJs with a passion for tunes that have passed us, to come forward and claim the throne for timeless tunes. RM25 inc. 1 drink.

Why would anyone want to hold a competition for retro DJs, much less one that runs from November to January?! Don't get me wrong. I enjoy retro every once in a while, but to be quite honest, being a retro DJ isn't anything to be proud of. It doesn't require much skill at all.

I really hope no clubs in Singapore copy this concept. *shudders* Now, that is truly a scary thought. And right before Halloween too.

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