Saturday, November 26, 2005

We won the third place! Yay! After all that hard work and sacrifice, I'm so glad we managed to get something. I've got to tell you the rivalry between the different departments was so intense and political; at one point, it dwarfed any of the Raffles-other school rivalries that I've seen. So now, I just have one more obstacle left to having a good time - the CFA Level I exam next Sunday. I sure hope my luck holds out.

On Wednesday, I was rather down over not being able to nail the steps and looks needed for our particular segment of the performance in spite of being the one with most dance background. Part of it was that I'm just not that good at jazz dance, much preferring those that don't require so much posing and poise, and the other part was confidence. I've always had a problem with that and I envy those who can get up on stage - whether as part of a performance or just to ham things up - without ever caring what other people think (always consoling myself with the excuse that they're in a senior position so they can afford it, or that they're good and they know they are, whereas I'm just average and not good enough to be up to) and dearly wish I could be like them one day soon.

But yesterday night, in spite of the fear and the body-hugging costume I was wearing (because I wanted to look good, and damn, did I succeed ;o)), we managed to give it our all when the time came. I finally managed to nail the walk and the haughty look (with the help of my colleague who did a fantastic job in giving me incredibly sexy, smouldering smokey eyes) and we caught the eye of many people with our colourful accessories and precise movements.

So here's hoping that the same thing happens with my exam. I'm so far behind in my studying but have taken most of the next week off to cram...

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