Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dance update:
1. Mad Hot Ballroom is coming to town! It'll be released on 9 March. Thank you, Shaw!
2. Burn the Floor is coming too... and the cast will be giving dance clinics!
3. SEA Jam with Frankie and the Harlem Hot Shots this weekend! I should be packing for it now so I can go swing dancing later but I'm exhausted.

Clubbing update:
1. Trance galore: Markus Schulz and Marco V on 10 and 11 March respectively at Zouk.
2. Erlend Oye will be spinning a DJ set at the Mosaic festival.
3. James Lavelle is coming to Zouk next month.

Friends update:
1. One of my best friends is back for the next couple of days before returning to London.
2. Another good friend is visiting Singapore for the weekend.
3. I went out for what was intended to be a quick drink with this really cute and funny guy yesterday night, and we got on so well, it turned into a five hour date.
4. An unexpected complication has arisen in my life, but it's a pleasant one and I'm enjoying it thus far.

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